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About Astrum Group

Astrum is a dynamic powerhouse that leverages the latest technology and best practices to provide superior home entertainment solutions.


Since our successful founding in (founding year), we have facilitated multiple clients with exceptional services and custom installations (link to services page), including multi-room audio/video systems, home theatres, integrated lighting setups, and residential automation.

With Astrum, you should expect the highest level of service and a seamless installation process. Hence, we work with a seasoned and reputable team of architects, interior designers, and contractors from around the globe.

Furthermore, our multimedia solutions and setups are engineered with the finest materials and advanced equipment to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

With excellent customer service and top-notch products, Astrum has everything you need to upgrade your indoor multimedia setup. We invite you to contact us and join the next generation of home entertainment today!

Mission & Values

Astrum believes that home technology should be so much more than just mundane gadgets. We're determined to turn your abode into a revolutionary living space that's both elegant and cutting-edge.


Our team is filled with passionate tech experts that specialize in everything from multiroom audio/video systems to immersive home theaters, integrated lighting setups, and home automation systems that'll truly blow your mind.


We're dedicated to crafting products and services of the utmost quality and artistry, ensuring that your property will be transformed into a comfortable sanctuary you'll adore for years to come. 

Astrum values honesty, transparency, and integrity above all. We are committed to fostering meaningful, long-lasting relationships built on trust and respect. Once we've got your project, we'll listen to your concerns and preferences and craft your dreams for you.

With Astrum at your side, your home upgrade is in completely safe hands! 

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